Ground.qml Example File

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 TiledEntityBase {
   id: ground
   entityType: "ground"

   size: 2 // must be >= 2, because we got a sprite for the start, one for the end and a repeatable center sprite

   Row {
     id: tileRow
     Tile {
       pos: "left"
       image: "../../assets/ground/left.png"
     Repeater {
       model: size-2
       Tile {
         pos: "mid"
         image: "../../assets/ground/mid.png"
     Tile {
       pos: "right"
       image: "../../assets/ground/right.png"

   BoxCollider {
     anchors.fill: parent
     bodyType: Body.Static
     fixture.onBeginContact: {
       var otherEntity = other.getBody().target
       if(otherEntity.entityType === "player") player.contacts++
     fixture.onEndContact: {
       var otherEntity = other.getBody().target
       if(otherEntity.entityType === "player") player.contacts--

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