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Platformer Demo

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 EntityBase {
   id: player
   entityType: "player"
   width: 50
   height: 50

   // add some aliases for easier access to those properties from outside
   property alias collider: collider
   property alias horizontalVelocity: collider.linearVelocity.x

   // the contacts property is used to determine if the player is in touch with any solid objects (like ground or platform), because in this case the player is walking, which enables the ability to jump. contacts > 0 --> walking state
   property int contacts: 0
   // property binding to determine the state of the player like described above
   state: contacts > 0 ? "walking" : "jumping"
   onStateChanged: console.debug("player.state " + state)

   // here you could use a SpriteSquenceVPlay to animate your player
   MultiResolutionImage {
     source: "../../assets/player/run.png"

   BoxCollider {
     id: collider
     height: parent.height
     width: 30
     anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
     // this collider must be dynamic because we are moving it by applying forces and impulses
     bodyType: Body.Dynamic // this is the default value but I wanted to mention it ;)
     fixedRotation: true // we are running, not rolling...
     bullet: true // for super accurate collision detection, use this sparingly, because it's quite performance greedy
     sleepingAllowed: false
     // apply the horizontal value of the TwoAxisController as force to move the player left and right
     force: Qt.point(controller.xAxis*170*32,0)
     // limit the horizontal velocity
     onLinearVelocityChanged: {
       if(linearVelocity.x > 170) linearVelocity.x = 170
       if(linearVelocity.x < -170) linearVelocity.x = -170

   // this timer is used to slow down the players horizontal movement. the linearDamping property of the collider works quite similar, but also in vertical direction, which we don't want to be slowed
   Timer {
     id: updateTimer
     // set this interval as high as possible to improve performance, but as low as needed so it still looks good
     interval: 60
     running: true
     repeat: true
     onTriggered: {
       var xAxis = controller.xAxis;
       // if xAxis is 0 (no movement command) we slow the player down until he stops
       if(xAxis == 0) {
         if(Math.abs(player.horizontalVelocity) > 10) player.horizontalVelocity /= 1.5
         else player.horizontalVelocity = 0

   function jump() {
     console.debug("jump requested at player.state " + state)
     if(player.state == "walking") {
       console.debug("do the jump")
       // for the jump, we simply set the upwards velocity of the collider
       collider.linearVelocity.y = -420
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