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Platformer with Level Editor

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 BuildEntityButton {

   // width and height of the button
   property int buttonSize: 32

   // this property is true, when the button is selected
   property bool isSelected: false

   // set size
   width: buttonSize
   height: buttonSize

   anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter

   // set initialEntityPosition to a point outside the level
   initialEntityPosition: Qt.point(-100, 0)

   // set variationType to the variationType of the createdEntity
   variationType: createdEntity ? createdEntity.variationType : ""

   // these signals are emitted when the button gets selected/unselected
   signal selected
   signal unselected

   // if this button is selected, this rectangle emphasizes this
   Rectangle {
     id: selectedRectangle

     // only visible if the button is selected
     visible: isSelected

     // make it a little larger than the actual button
     width: parent.width + 8
     height: parent.height + 8

     // center this in the button
     anchors.centerIn: parent

     radius: 3

     // set color to white
     color: "white"

   // this rectangle adds a grey background to the entity image,
   // this improves the visibility of part transparent entities
   Rectangle {
     id: background

     anchors.fill: buttonImage

     radius: 3

     color: "#a0b0b0b0"

   // the image of the entity
   MultiResolutionImage {
     id: buttonImage

     source: createdEntity ? createdEntity.image.source : ""

     // increase buttonImage size, when button is selected
     width: isSelected ? 36 : 32
     height: isSelected ? 36 : 32

     anchors.centerIn: parent

   onClicked: {
     // toggle isSelected
     isSelected = !isSelected

     // if the button is now selected, emit the selected signal

   onEntityWasBuilt: {
     // get built entity by it's id
     var builtEntity = entityManager.getEntityById(builtEntityId)

     // if buildEntity exists...
     if(builtEntity) {
       // ...add undoObject to undoHandler
       var undoObjectProperties = {"target": builtEntity, "action": "create",
         "currentPosition": Qt.point(builtEntity.x, builtEntity.y)}
       var undoObject = editorOverlay.undoHandler.createUndoObject(undoObjectProperties)
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