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Platformer with Level Editor

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0
 import "../editorElements"

 PlatformerEntityBaseDraggable {
   id: coin
   entityType: "coin"

   // this property is true when the player collected the coin
   property bool collected: false

   // when the coin is collected, it shouldn't be visible anymore
   image.visible: !collected

   // define colliderComponent for collision detection while dragging
   colliderComponent: collider

   // set image
   image.source: "../../assets/coin/coin.png"

   CircleCollider {
     id: collider

     // make the collider a little smaller than the sprite
     radius: parent.width / 2 - 3

     // center collider
     x: 3
     y: 3

     // disable collider when coin is collected
     active: !collected

     // the collider is static (shouldn't move) and should only test
     // for collisions
     bodyType: Body.Static
     collisionTestingOnlyMode: true

     // Category6: powerup
     categories: Box.Category6
     // Category1: player body
     collidesWith: Box.Category1

   // set collected to true
   function collect() {
     console.debug("collect coin")
     coin.collected = true

     // for every collected coin, the time gets set back a little bit
     gameScene.time -= 5


   // reset coin
   function reset() {
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