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Platformer with Level Editor

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0
 import "../editorElements"

 // this is the base class for all opponents
 PlatformerEntityBaseDraggable {
   id: opponent
   entityType: "opponent"

   // the opponent's start position
   // These are the coordinates, to which the opponent gets reset,
   // when resetting the level.
   property int startX
   property int startY

   // this is true while the opponent is alive
   property bool alive: true

   // After an opponent dies, we want to show it's dead-sprite for a short
   // time, and then hide it.
   // If this property is true, the opponent is invisible.
   property bool hidden: false

   z: 1 // to make opponent appear in front of the platforms

   // set the opponent's size to it's sprite's size
   width: image.width
   height: image.height

   // hide opponent after its death
   image.visible: !hidden

   // update the entity's start position when the entity is created or moved
   onEntityCreated: updateStartPosition()
   onEntityReleased: updateStartPosition()

   // this timer hides the opponent a few seconds after its death
   Timer {
     id: hideTimer
     interval: 2000

     onTriggered: hidden = true

   function updateStartPosition()
     startX = x
     startY = y

   // this function resets all properties, which all opponents have in common
   function reset_super()
     // reset alive property
     alive = true

     // stop hideTimer, to avoid unwanted, delayed hiding of the opponent
     // reset hidden
     hidden = false

     // reset position
     x = startX
     y = startY

     // reset velocity
     collider.linearVelocity.x = 0
     collider.linearVelocity.y = 0

     // reset force
     collider.force = Qt.point(0, 0)

   function die() {
     alive = false


     if(variationType == "walker")
     else if(variationType == "jumper")

     // for every killed opponent, the time gets set back a little bit
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