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Platformer with Level Editor

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 Rectangle {
     property alias text: textItem.text
     property alias icon: icon

     // only visible when playing
     visible: gameScene.state != "edit"

     // we set the width dynamically to the size of the text
     // and the image, plus a little margin
     width: textItem.width + icon.width + 10
     height: 20

     // anchor to the top left corner
     anchors.top: gameScene.gameWindowAnchorItem.top
     anchors.left: gameScene.gameWindowAnchorItem.left
     anchors.margins: 4

     // round the edges
     radius: 3

     // background color of the rectangle
     color: "#80ffffff"

     // the icon
     MultiResolutionImage {
       id: icon

       // width = height
       height: parent.height
       width: height

       // anchor to the left of the rectangle
       anchors.left: parent.left
       anchors.leftMargin: 2

     // the text
     Text {
       id: textItem

       height: parent.height

       // center the text vertically
       verticalAlignment: Text.AlignVCenter

       // anchor to the left of the icon
       anchors.left: icon.right
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