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Platformer with Level Editor

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 Item {
   id: jumpTouchButton

   // should only be visible and enabled on touch devices, when
   // not in edit mode
   visible: !system.desktopPlatform && gameScene.state != "edit"
   enabled: visible

   // set size
   height: 60
   width: 80

   // anchor to the bottom right of the gameWindowAnchorItem
   anchors.right: gameScene.gameWindowAnchorItem.right
   anchors.bottom: gameScene.gameWindowAnchorItem.bottom

   signal pressed
   signal released

   // this is a background of the button image
   // it is only visible while the button is pressed, as visual feedback for the user
   Rectangle {
     id: background

     anchors.fill: parent

     // the radius of the edges; setting the radius to height gives this a circle shape
     radius: height

     // set color and opacity
     color: "#ffffff"
     opacity: 0.5

     // not visible by default, gets set to visible in the onPressed event
     visible: false

   MultiResolutionImage {
     id: image

     source: "../../assets/ui/arrow_up.png"

     // fill the background
     anchors.fill: background

     fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit

     // make it half the size of the background
     scale: 0.5

   // handle touch events
   MouseArea {
     anchors.fill: parent

     onPressed: {
       jumpTouchButton.pressed() // start jump
       background.visible = true // make background visible

     // end jump when released
     onReleased: {
       jumpTouchButton.released() // start jump
       background.visible = false // make background invisible again
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