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Squaby Demo

 import Felgo 3.0

 Facebook {
   id: facebook

   appId: "1514388122117426" // Felgo Test App 2, created by Chris

   readPermissions: ["email", "read_friendlists"]
   publishPermissions: ["publish_actions"]
 //    publishPermissions: ["publish_stream"]
   // publish_stream should not be used, as it contains a lot of permissions and users might deny it - publish_actions is a part of publish_stream permission
   // NOTE: if posting to a friend's wall secretly, the publish_stream permission is needed! for posting with the dialog, publish_actions is sufficient

   // liking and posting to a wall is only possible for a page, not to a native mobile app!
   // for now, we post the comments on the vplay side, because the squaby page is not online yet
   // the facebook id of the vplay engine facebook page is: 392046547517903
   // get the id with the following link: graph.facebook.com/felgo
   // to open the page with the native facebook app, use the following format on iOS: fb://profile/pageId
   // even though a page is not a profile, this has been changed by facebook: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13222898/direct-linking-to-page-in-native-facebook-app-ios6
   // TODO: if no native fb app is installed, it should fall back to the normal browser link!
   // we do not have a way yet to check if openUrl succeeded in Felgo
   property string vplayPageLink: system.isPlatform(System.IOS) ? "fb://profile/392046547517903" : "http://www.facebook.com/felgo"
   property string squabyPageLink: "http://www.facebook.com/squabydefense"

   onSessionStateChanged: {
     console.log("Facebook: New Facebook Session state: ", sessionState);

     /*if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionOpened) {
       showResult("Facebook: Session opened.");
     else if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionClosed) {
       showResult("Facebook: Session closed.");
     else if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionFailed) {
       showResult("Facebook: Session failed.");

   onGetGraphRequestFinished: {
     //showResult("Facebook: onGetGraphRequestFinished: graphPath:" + graphPath + ", resultState:" + resultState + ", result:" + result);

     // Check for the request result state
     if (resultState === Facebook.ResultOk) {
       // here, something could be done with the result... for example:
       // We can match the request according to the graphPath
 //        if (graphPath === "me/friends") {
 //          var friends = JSON.parse(result);
 //          console.debug("Facebook: Friend request finished, got ", friends["data"].length, "friends");
 //        }
     else if (resultState === Facebook.ResultInvalidSession) {
       console.debug("Facebook: No active session, call openSession beforehand.");
     else {
       console.debug("Facebook: There was an error retrieving the friend list.");


   onPostGraphRequestFinished: {
     console.debug("Facebook: onPostGraphRequestFinished: graphPath:" + graphPath + ", resultState:" + resultState + ", result:" + result);

   // this is called whenever a new highscore is reached from Player.qml
   function sendNewHighscoreToUserWall(newHighscore) {
      // secretly (i.e. without user interaction) post to the own user wall about the highscore
      facebook.postGraphRequest( "me/feed",
                                {          "link" : vplayPageLink,
                                           "name" : "New Squaby highscore",
                                     "description": "Squaby is a tower defense game for iOS & Android - you can download it from the App Store!",
                                        "message" : "I just got a new highscore in Squaby: " + newHighscore + " points! Can you beat me?"
                                } )

   // this is called whenever a new highscore is reached
   function postOpinionToUserWall() {


   // opens the Felgo facebook page in the browser (only there liking is possible, currently not from OpenGraph API!) - liking only available for objects
   // see these resources: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/actions/builtin/likes/ and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3061054/like-a-page-using-facebook-graph-api
   function openVPlayFacebookSite() {
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