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Squaby Demo

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 TowerBaseSprite {
   id: nailgunSprite

   // all upgrade states have the same base image
   spriteSheetSource: "../../assets/img/spritesheets/nailgun/1-base.png"
   property alias running: spriteSequence.running

   scale: 0.875

   Item {
 //    rotation: nailgunSprite.parent.rotation
     // could also be an AnimatedSprite, because there is only 1 animation
     SpriteSequence {
       id: spriteSequence
       rotation: nailgunSprite.parent.rotation

       anchors.centerIn: parent

 //      filename: "../../assets/img/all-sd.json"
       defaultSource: "../../assets/img/spritesheets/nailgun/nailgun.png"

       // the animation should NOT run from the beginning! once jumpTo is called, it gets set to true automatically!
       // dont set running to false now, this is changed in onUsedFromPool()
 //      running: false

       Sprite {
         name: "idle"
         startFrameColumn: 1
         startFrameRow: frameElement
         frameWidth: 32
         frameHeight: 64
         // setting a long frameDuration is a performance improvement, because the animation isnt switched internally then
         frameDuration: 100000

       Sprite {
         id: shootAnimation
         name: "shoot"
         frameWidth: 32
         frameHeight: 64

         frameCount: 10
         startFrameColumn: 1
         startFrameRow: frameElement
         frameRate: 60 // with a frameCount of 10 and a frameRate of 40 (= frameDuration of 25ms), the whole animation takes 250ms to complete
         to: {"idle": 1}

   function playShootAnimation() {
     // jumpTo automatically sets the running property of SpriteSequence to true
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