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Squaby Demo

 import QtQuick 2.0

 import Felgo 3.0
 import "../gameScene/hud" // for SingleSquabySprite

 // by now, a PathSection only is the physics collider
 // in a later version, the path section should also contain an Image with the single path element
 // does it really need to be an Entity? the pathSection is not modifiable directly at the moment, only the waypoints - but ther might be added a cost for this edge (=section) for example later!
 EntityBase {
   id: pathSection
   // to show up in the debugger more readable
   entityType: "pathSection"

   // this gets removed & destroyed a lot, so pooling is useful here!
   // but the sprites in the repeater get recreated!?
   //poolingEnabled: true

     // x, y, width & height get set by PathEntity

   // these are the first and second Qt.point() objects - second may be undefined, when it is the section to the last waypoint!
   property variant first
   property variant second

   property real gridSize: scene.gridSize

   // the default transformOrigin is Center, which would position the children incorrectly!
   transformOrigin: Item.TopLeft

 //    Component.onCompleted: {
 //        console.debug("PathSection.onCompleted(), parent:", parent)
 //    }

     // the base item must not be a BoxCollider, because then owningEntity where to retrieve the position from would not be known!
     BoxCollider {
         collisionTestingOnlyMode: true

         // anchoring wont work here, because the base entity has a width & height assigned, which gets forwarded to this BoxCollider!
         // so the collider would still be positioned top-left, not by the center
         //anchors.centerIn: parent
         x: -width/2
         y: -height/2

         // Cat3 is the foundationCollider of the towers, obstacles and the path
         // Cat4 is the dragged tower
         categories: Box.Category3
         collidesWith: Box.Category4


     // this may be used for debugging the size & center position of the PathSection
 //    Rectangle {
 //      color: "red"
 //      opacity: 0.3
 //      x: -pathSection.width/2
 //      y: -pathSection.height/2
 //      width: parent.width
 //      height: parent.height
 //    }

     Repeater {
       id: repeater

       SingleSquabySprite {
         x: -pathSection.width/2 + width*(index+1)
         y: -height/2
         source: "../../assets/img/steps/steps-6-straight.png"

       Image {
         id: image
         source: calculateSource()
         width: 2*gridSize
         height: 2*gridSize

         // x is the offset here!
         x: -pathSection.width/2 + width*(index+1)
         y: -height/2

     Component.onCompleted: {
       var rot = calculateRotation();
       pathSection.rotation = rot

       // don't count the first and the last waypoint tile, thus -4*gridSize (1 tile is actually 2*gridSize)
       var numberSteps = (width-4*gridSize) / (2*gridSize)
       repeater.model = numberSteps

 //    function calculateSource() {
 //      return "../../assets/img/steps-6-straight.png";
 //    }

     function calculateRotation () {
       if(second.x>first.x) {
         return 0;
       } else if(second.x < first.x) {
         return 180;
       } else if(second.y > first .y) {
         return 90;
       } else
         return 270;
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