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Squaby Demo

 import QtQuick 2.0

 //Image {
 Item {
     id: upgradeWeapon

     // this can be handled by the hud, especially for the sell button to change the upgradeState of the hud back to the buy state
     signal clicked

     property string toDestroyEntityId;

     // is needed, otherwise anchoring the UpgradeWeapon-Buttons in a Row wouldnt work!
     width: upgradeWeaponSprite.width
     height: upgradeWeaponSprite.height

     SingleSquabySprite {
         id: upgradeWeaponSprite
         source: "../../../assets/img/menu_labels/sell.png"

     MouseArea {
         anchors.fill: parent

         onClicked: {
             // emit the clicked signal only when the operation is available successful! the clicked signal gets used in the HUD to play the sound effects
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