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Squaby Demo

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 // this component gets used for dragging the tower outside, and for indicating the radius of a selected tower
 MultiResolutionImage {
     id: rangeCircle
     // this is the green circle, indicating that either building a tower is allowed when dragging a tower to the playfield, or when the radius of a selected tower should be displayed
     // it is visually better to use a big image and scale it down than scaling it up!
     // TODO this is still not ideal, because for every different collider size an own image could be used with the correct size so no scaling would be required
     // the drawback is that then all collider sizes defined in the logic must be provided as images!
     // and considering that only 1 collider is shown at a single time and not that often (only when a tower is selected), this scaling in the logic here is a reasonable approach (which is also able to adapt to all collider sizes of the logic)
     source: "../../../assets/img/menu_labels/range_radius_allowed.png"
     opacity: 0.5
     property bool isAllowedToBuild: true
     property real colliderRadius: 80

     width: colliderRadius*2
     height: colliderRadius*2

     onIsAllowedToBuildChanged: {
             source = "../../../assets/img/menu_labels/range_radius_forbidden.png";
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