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Squaby Demo

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 Row {
   id: upgradeTowerHUD

   // this is only used for the turbine
   UpgradeWeapon {
     id: repairUpgrade
     upgradeType: "repair"
     source: "../../../assets/img/menu_labels/repair.png"
     onClicked: {
     // this is invisible in the default state! must be in upgradingTower state so it gets visible!
     visible: false

   UpgradeWeapon {
     id: rangeUpgrade
     upgradeType: "range"
     onClicked: {

   UpgradeWeapon {
     id: shootDelayUpgrade
     upgradeType: "shootDelay"
     onClicked: {
   // source and price get set for the upgrades by code when a selected_tower event is received
   // the source gets set in the UpgradeWeapon itself
   UpgradeWeapon {
     id: sellButton
     source: "../../../assets/img/menu_labels/sell.png"
     upgradeType: "sell"

     // the sell button is not bound to the default behavior (only get available when the player gold is higher than the cost)
     // but it should always be visible!
     affordable: true
     // reset the hud to the buy-state after the tower was sold
     onClicked: {
       // the selectedTowerRange has the same x&y as the sold tower, so this can be used for selling
       // it would be better though if towerSold would be called at receiving an EntityDestroyedEvent
       // the scaling of the scene does not affect the x and y coordinate, because it is set as a transform, so no division by scene.xScaleFactor is needed!
       // scene.Logic.towerSold does NOT work, no access to scripts in ohter files!
       // this should not be called any more directly, because it gets called when an EntityDestroyedEvent is received in main.qml file
       //scene.towerSold(selectedTowerRange.x, selectedTowerRange.y);


     SoundEffect {
       id: towerSellEffect
       source: "../../../assets/snd/towerDestruct.wav"

   SoundEffect {
     id: towerUpgradeEffect
     source: "../../../assets/snd/towerUpgrade.wav"

   function towerSelected(message) {

     var towerId = message.entityId;
     var towerType = message.entityType;

     // the upgrade type for 2nd upgrade changes depending on the type
     if(towerType === "nailgun" || towerType === "turbine") {
       shootDelayUpgrade.upgradeType = "shootDelay";
     } else if(towerType === "flamethrower") {
       shootDelayUpgrade.upgradeType = "damagePerSecond";
     } else if(towerType === "taser") {
       shootDelayUpgrade.upgradeType = "damagePerSecond";
     } else if(towerType === "tesla") {
       shootDelayUpgrade.upgradeType = "damagePerSecond";


     // set this, so at sending the sell command it is known which tower is affected
     sellButton.selectedTowerId = towerId;
     // by setting the cost to negative, the gold will be added to the player's gold
     // however, the saleRevenue gets added in TowerBase to the player gold
     // but the pricetag must be modified, so set the cost of sellButton manually here
     sellButton.cost = -message.saleRevenue;

     selectedTowerRange.x = message.towerPosition.x;
     selectedTowerRange.y = message.towerPosition.y;
     selectedTowerRange.colliderRadius = message.colliderRadius;
     // when selected from an already built tower, the green (allowed) range should be displayed
     selectedTowerRange.isAllowedToBuild = true;

     if(towerType === "turbine") {
       // only call this here, otherwise the repair-upgrade would not be contained in the message, and the repairUpgrade button only gets visible if state is upgradingTurbine anyway
       upgradeTowerHUD.state = "upgradingTurbine";
     } else {
       upgradeTowerHUD.state = "";

     hud.state = "upgrading";

     // set this after the hud-change, otherwise the selectedTowerId would always be the default undefined value!
     selectedTowerId = towerId;

     console.debug("HUD: switched hud to state", hud.state, ", selectedTowerId:", selectedTowerId);

   states: [
       State {
       name: "upgradingTurbine"

       PropertyChanges { target: repairUpgrade; visible: true}
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