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Squaby Demo

 import QtQuick 2.0

 // the player object gets modified in the game, e.g. when a tower is built or a squaby dies
 QtObject {
   id: player
   // these get reset when the game starts from SquabyScene.enterScene
   property int gold: balancingSettings ? balancingSettings.playerStartGold : 999 // the start gold
   property int lives: balancingSettings ? balancingSettings.playerStartLives : 999 // the start lives, if these are <0 the game is over
   property int wave: 1 // gets modified by SquabyCreator! but also possible to set wave to any value at runtime, to simulate an arbitrary wave!
   property int score: 0 // the start score
   property int instantBonus: 0 // the instantBonus score which is increased when user spawns new squaby manually based on the time left.

   // this gets used for analytics - it is interesting how many towers are built in each wave, and after the game is lost to tweak the balancing!
   property int nailgunsBuilt: 0
   property int flamethrowersBuilt: 0
   property int tasersBuilt: 0
   property int teslasBuilt: 0
   property int turbinesBuilt: 0
   property int towersBuilt: nailgunsBuilt+flamethrowersBuilt+turbinesBuilt+tasersBuilt+teslasBuilt

   property int nailgunsDestroyed: 0
   property int flamethrowersDestroyed: 0
   property int tasersDestroyed: 0
   property int teslasDestroyed: 0
   property int turbinesDestroyed: 0
   property int towersDestroyed: nailgunsDestroyed+flamethrowersDestroyed+turbinesDestroyed+tasersDestroyed+teslasDestroyed

   // the active ones are the built - destroyed ones!
   property int nailgunsActive: nailgunsBuilt-nailgunsDestroyed
   property int flamethrowersActive: flamethrowersBuilt-flamethrowersDestroyed
   property int tasersActive: tasersBuilt-tasersDestroyed
   property int teslasActive: teslasBuilt-teslasDestroyed
   property int turbinesActive: turbinesActive-turbinesDestroyed
   property int towersActive: nailgunsActive+flamethrowersActive+turbinesActive+tasersActive+teslasActive

   // this gets set with a binding in SquabyCreator
   property int squabiesBuiltInCurrentWave: 0

   // this is set to the currently loaded balancing settings
   property variant balancingSettings

   // this function can be used to store all player properties for analytics as own properties in the given object
   // this is called when the game is lost, and when a new wave is started
   function addPlayerPropertiesToAnalyticsObject(object) {
     object.gold = gold
     object.lives = lives
     object.wave = wave
     object.score = score
     object.instantBonus = instantBonus

     object.nailgunsBuilt = nailgunsBuilt
     object.flamethrowersBuilt = flamethrowersBuilt
     object.tasersBuilt = tasersBuilt
     object.teslasBuilt = teslasBuilt
     object.turbinesBuilt = turbinesBuilt
     object.towersBuilt = towersBuilt

     object.nailgunsDestroyed = nailgunsDestroyed
     object.flamethrowersDestroyed = flamethrowersDestroyed
     object.tasersDestroyed = tasersDestroyed
     object.teslasDestroyed = teslasDestroyed
     object.turbinesDestroyed = turbinesDestroyed
     object.towersDestroyed = towersDestroyed

     object.nailgunsActive = nailgunsActive
     object.flamethrowersActive = flamethrowersActive
     object.tasersActive = tasersActive
     object.teslasActive = teslasActive
     object.turbinesActive = turbinesActive
     object.towersActive = towersActive

     // this is also interesting, because a wave contains many squabies, to find out how many were active add this property, so for finer detail
     object.squabiesBuiltInCurrentWave = squabiesBuiltInCurrentWave

   // the wave property gets increased by the SquabyCreator
   onWaveChanged: {
     // only emit this event, when the wave was increased once - otherwise the properties would be uninitialized
     if(wave > 1) {
       // when the gameOver state is entered, the game is lost and the reached score, waves, etc. should be sent for analytics
       //var objectWithPlayerProperties = {};
       // here all player properties are set as properties, e.g. waves, score, gold, number nailguns built, etc.
       //flurry.logEvent("Game.WaveIncreased", objectWithPlayerProperties);

   onLivesChanged: {
     // when changing live settings to 0 in editor mode the game over screen would occur. Therefore check if itemEditor is visible.
     if(lives <= 0 && !scene.itemEditor.visible) {
       console.debug("Game over, score:", score)

       // initially, the scene might not be loaded when it is loaded dynamically
         // Stop current game, is this the right function?

       // Show gameover scene
       window.state = "gameover"

   // these get reset when the game starts from SquabyScene.enterScene
   function initializeProperties() {
     gold = balancingSettings.playerStartGold
     lives = balancingSettings.playerStartLives
     wave = 1
     score = 0
     instantBonus = 0

     nailgunsBuilt = 0
     flamethrowersBuilt = 0
     tasersBuilt = 0
     teslasBuilt = 0
     turbinesBuilt = 0
     nailgunsDestroyed = 0
     flamethrowersDestroyed = 0
     tasersDestroyed = 0
     teslasDestroyed = 0
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