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Squaby Demo

 var lastMousePoints = new Array;
 var lastMousePointIndex = 0;

 var waypoints = new Array;
 var lastWaypointIndex;
 // gets set to waypoints[lastWaypointIndex];
 var lastWaypoint;

 var horizontalDifferenceWasBiggerFirst;
 var verticalDifferenceWasBiggerFirst;

 function pressed(mouseX, mouseY) {
   //  lastMousePoints.push(Qt.point(mouseX, mouseY));

   delete waypoints;
   waypoints = new Array;

   // this gets set to 0 in addWaypoint
   lastWaypointIndex = -1;
   addWaypoint(mouseX, mouseY);

   horizontalDifferenceWasBiggerFirst = false;
   verticalDifferenceWasBiggerFirst = false;


 function positionChanged(mouseX, mouseY) {

   var dx = Math.abs(lastWaypoint.x-mouseX);
   var dy = Math.abs(lastWaypoint.y-mouseY);

   console.debug("PathCreationLogic: positionChanged to", mouseX, mouseY, "delta:", dx, dy);

   if(dx>pathSize && dy>pathSize) {
     var snappedPos;

     if(dx > dy) {
       console.debug("creating a waypoint horizontally")
       snappedPos = Qt.point(getSnappedValue(mouseX, lastWaypoint.x), lastWaypoint.y);
     } else {
       console.debug("creating a waypoint vertically")
       snappedPos = Qt.point(lastWaypoint.x, getSnappedValue(mouseY, lastWaypoint.y));

     console.debug("creating a wayopint at position", snappedPos.x, snappedPos.y)

     addWaypoint(snappedPos.x, snappedPos.y);

 function released(mouseX, mouseY) {
   console.debug("PathCreationLogic: released:", mouseX, mouseY)

   // TODO: there must be 90 degree ending!
   // guarantee that!

   var dx = Math.abs(lastWaypoint.x-mouseX);
   var dy = Math.abs(lastWaypoint.y-mouseY);

   // NOTE: here is NOT a dx>pathSize && dy>pathSize!!!
   // the difference can only be bigger in one direction, because this is the last part of the path
   // it is important that at first the dy is checked!
     var snappedPos = Qt.point(lastWaypoint.x, getSnappedValue(mouseY, lastWaypoint.y));
     addWaypoint(snappedPos.x, snappedPos.y)
     console.debug("add final waypoint at pos", snappedPos.x, snappedPos.y)

     var snappedPos = Qt.point(getSnappedValue(mouseX, lastWaypoint.x), lastWaypoint.y);
     addWaypoint(snappedPos.x, snappedPos.y)
     console.debug("add final waypoint at pos", snappedPos.x, snappedPos.y)


 function addWaypoint(snappedPosX, snappedPosY) {
   var newWaypoint = Qt.point(snappedPosX, snappedPosY)
   waypoints.push( newWaypoint );

   var snappedPos = {"x": snappedPosX, "y": snappedPosY};
   console.debug("addWaypoint called for pos", snappedPos.x, snappedPos.y)
   // this is a signal in PathCreationOverlay

 //function targetWaypointReached(mouseX, mouseY) {

 // the last is needed, because we only can snap to the difference - it should always be a multiple of 32!
 function getSnappedValue(newXOrY, lastXOrY) {
   var delta = newXOrY-lastXOrY;
   var division = delta/pathSize;
   var rounded = Math.round(division);

   var snappedDelta= pathSize*rounded;
   var snappedAbsoluteValue = lastXOrY+snappedDelta

   console.debug("to snap value:", newXOrY, "rounded:", rounded, "snappedValue:", snappedAbsoluteValue)

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