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Squaby Demo

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 Scene {
   id: squabySceneBase
   // this would be the default size anyway
   width: 480
   height: 320

   // by default, set the opacity to 0 - this is changed from the SquabyMain with PropertyChanges
   opacity: 0

   // this is an important performance improvement, as renderer can skip invisible items (and all its children)
   // this is done automatically in scene, however, and is not need to be set explicitly here
   //visible: opacity>0

   Component.onCompleted: console.debug("Scene.onCompleted, focus is", focus, "of scene", squabySceneBase)

   // NOTE: setting the focus to activeScene === squabySceneBase is not sufficient when the scene gets loaded dynamically!
   // reason is, that only the Scene (which is a child of the Loader) gets focus, but not the Loader itself! so the MainMenuScene still has focus, but not the child scene here!
   // thus forceActiveFocus() must be called whenever the activeScene changes, which is done in GameWindow automatically!
   // only when focus is true the key will be handled in this scene
   // so only handle the key press in the active (visible) scene
   //focus: activeScene === squabySceneBase
   // a focus-change is never received for scenes that are not loaded dynamically!?
   //onFocusChanged: console.debug("focus of scene changed to", focus, "for scene", squabySceneBase)
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