Box.qml Example File

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 EntityBase {
   id: box
   entityType: "box"

   // the origin (the 0/0 position of the entity) of this entity is the center, thus we cannot use an anchors.fill: parent in Image and BoxCollider, otherwise it would use the top left corner as origin
   width: 32
   height: 32

   // the 0/0 of the entity should be the center of the collider and image
   // this is required when a width & height are set to the entity! in that case, the rotation should be applied around the center (which is top-left, not the width/2,height/2 Item.Center which is the default value)
   transformOrigin: Item.TopLeft

   Image {
     id: boxImage
     source: "../../assets/img/box.png"

     // set the size of the image to the one of the collider and not vice versa, because the physics properties depend on the collider size
     anchors.fill: boxCollider

   BoxCollider {
     id: boxCollider

     // the size effects the physics settings (the bigger the heavier)
     // this is set automatically in any collider - the default size is the one of parent!
     //        width: parent.width
     //        height: parent.height
     // the collider should have its origin at the x/y of the entity (so the center is in the TopLeft)
     x: -width/2
     y: -height/2

     friction: 1.6
     restitution: 0 // restitution is bounciness - a wooden box doesn't bounce
     density: 0.1 // this makes the box more heavy

     categories: Box.Category1

     fixture.onBeginContact: {
       // when colliding with another entity, play the sound and start particleEffect;

     EditableComponent {
       editableType: "Balancing"
       defaultGroup: "Box"
       properties: {
         "friction": {"min": 0, "max": 10, "stepsize": 0.1 },
         "restitution": {"min": 0, "max": 1,"stepsize": 0.1 },
         "density": {"min": 0, "max": 1000, "stepsize": 10 }

   // the soundEffect is played at a collision
   SoundEffect {
     id: collisionSound
     source: "../../assets/snd/boxCollision.wav"

   // the ParticleEffect is started at a collision
   Particle {
     id: collisionParticleEffect
     // make the particles float independent from the entity position - this would be the default setting, but for making it clear it is added explicitly here as well
     positionType: 0
     fileName: "SmokeParticle.json"

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