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ZombieBreak Demo

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 EntityBase {
   id: entity
   entityType: "bullet"
   width: sprite.width
   height: sprite.height

   // the speed of the bullet, needed in different functions so we define it as global property
   property int speed

   // for collision detection of the bullet
   CircleCollider {
     id: circleCollider
     radius: sprite.width/2
     // entity does not have its own width and height, therefore we center the CircleCollider in the entity.
     anchors.centerIn: parent
     // the bullets speed should stay the same on each collision
     // so we set restitution(bounciness) to 1 and the friction to 0
     fixture.friction: 0
     fixture.restitution: 1
     // the ball is a fast and small object therefore, we set the bullet flag to true
     // to get better physic results during collision detection.
     bullet: true

   // the image of the bullet
   Image {
     id: sprite
     source: "../../assets/img/bullet.png"

   // set the bullet to the defined position and start it
   function reStart(posx,posy) {

     // set the bullet to the defined position without starting it

     // generate random angle for the bullet
     var angle = utils.generateRandomValueBetween(-135,-115)

     // add a toRad() function to the angle, to change the grades to radians
     if (typeof(Number.prototype.toRad) === "undefined") {
       Number.prototype.toRad = function() {
             return this * Math.PI / 180;

     // do the trig to get the x and y components
     var x = Math.cos(angle.toRad())*speed
     var y = Math.sin(angle.toRad())*speed

     // apply phscis impulse to start the bullet
     circleCollider.applyLinearImpulse(Qt.point(x, y), circleCollider.pos)

   // set the bullet to the defined position without starting it
   function reset(xpos,ypos) {
     x = xpos
     y = ypos
     speed = 350
     //entity.rotation = 0.0;
     // set linear velocity of the entity to 0
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