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ZombieBreak Demo

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 EntityBase {
   id: entity
   entityType: "zombie"
   // the dimensions of this entity result in the dimensions of the zombie image,
   // we define those public, because we will need it for calculations
   property alias zombieWidth : sprite.width
   property alias zombieHeight : sprite.height

   // for collision detection of the zombies
   BoxCollider {
     id: boxCollider
     width: sprite.width
     height: sprite.height
     // zombies should be static
     bodyType: Body.Static
     // after collision (after the bullet fully bounced off) we destroy the zombie
     fixture.onEndContact: {

   //the image for the zombie
   Image {
     id: sprite
     source: "../../assets/img/zombie.png"
Qt_Technology_Partner_RGB_475 Qt_Service_Partner_RGB_475_padded