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ZombieBreak Demo

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 import "entities"

 Scene {
   id: gameScene

   // the currently loaded level
   property variant activeLevel
   // the name of the currently loaded level
   property string activeLevelString : "Level1"
   // the sound of dying zombies, public available for the zombies
   property alias breakSound: breakSound
   // the number of zombies killed
   property int killedZombies: 0

   // state of the current game(level), ready/running/finished/failed
   state: "ready"

   // for our entities
   EntityManager {id:entityManager; entityContainer: gameScene}

   // use a high update rate for physic driven games
   PhysicsWorld {updatesPerSecondForPhysics:60}

   // background image is defined by the loaded level
   Image {source:activeLevel.background; anchors.fill:parent}

   // sound for breaking zombies
   SoundEffect {id:breakSound; source:"../assets/snd/ow.wav"}

   // left wall
   Wall {height:parent.height; anchors.right:parent.left}
   // right wall
   Wall {height:parent.height; anchors.left:parent.right}
   // ceiling
   Wall {width:parent.width; anchors.bottom:parent.top}
   // floor, if bullet hits it, the player failed the level
   Wall {
     width: gameScene.width
     anchors.top: parent.bottom
     collision.onBeginContact: {

   HUD {
     id: hud
     width: gameScene.width
     height: 30
     cityText: "City: " + activeLevel.city
     killedText: "Zombies killed: " + gameScene.killedZombies

   Paddle {
     id: paddle
     width: 88
     height: 34
     x: parent.width/2 - width/2
     y: parent.height - height

     // drag the paddle left and right when touched
     MouseArea {
       id: paddleTouchArea
       // a bigger touch area should be used so the fingers of the user do not block the view
       width: paddle.width*2
       height: paddle.height*2
       anchors.centerIn: paddle
       // the drag should target the paddle
       drag.target: paddle
       // the paddle should move only into X direction
       drag.axis: Drag.XAxis
       // limit the minimum and maximum of the drag area, because the paddle should not move into the wall
       drag.minimumX: 0
       drag.maximumX: gameScene.width-paddle.width
       // the paddle is only enabled if the game is ready or running
       enabled: gameScene.state === "ready" || gameScene.state === "running"
       // additionally, if the game is ready to be started, we start it when the paddle is touched
       onPressed: {
         if(gameScene.state === "ready")

   // the bullet, placed right above the paddle
   Bullet {
     id: bullet
     x: paddle.x + paddle.width/2
     y: paddle.y - 5

   // load levels at runtime
   Loader {
     id: loader
     // this binding gets cleared when restart city is pressed
     source: activeLevelString + ".qml"
     onLoaded: {
       activeLevel = item
       item.width = gameScene.width
       item.height = gameScene.height/2
       gameScene.killedZombies = 0
       gameScene.state = "ready"

   // if a zombie is killed, check if all are dead
   onKilledZombiesChanged: {
     if(gameScene.killedZombies === activeLevel.maxZombies)

   // button to get to Level2 after finishing Level1
   SimpleButton {
     id: nextCity
     anchors.centerIn: parent;
     text: "Next City"
     visible: false
     onClicked: {
       nextCity.visible = false
       // in multiple levels, increase the level number by 1 here and dont make it hard-coded
       gameScene.activeLevelString = "Level2"
       // this is needed, because the loader.source binding might got cleared when "Restart City" was clicked
       loader.source = gameScene.activeLevelString + ".qml"

   // button to restart the current level if player fails
   SimpleButton {
     id: restartCity
     anchors.centerIn: parent;
     text: "Restart City"
     visible: false
     onClicked: {
       restartCity.visible = false
       // forcing the Loader to reaload the current level
       // NOTE: this clears the loader.source binding
       loader.source = ""
       loader.source = gameScene.activeLevelString + ".qml"

   // text displayed when Level2 is finished
   Text {
     id: survived
     color: "red"
     text: "You survived!"
     anchors.centerIn: parent;
     visible: false

   // launch bullet
   function startGame() {
     bullet.reStart(width/2,height - 50)
     state = "running"

   // reset bullet and display dialog
   function levelFinished() {
     bullet.reset(width/2,height - 50)
     state = "finished"
     if(activeLevelString === "Level1")
       nextCity.visible = true
       survived.visible = true

   // reset bullet and display dialog
   function levelFailed() {
     bullet.reset(width/2,height - 50)
     state = "failed"
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