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ZombieBreak Demo

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 GameWindow {
   id: gameWindow

   // You get free licenseKeys from
   // With a licenseKey you can:
   //  * Publish your games & apps for the app stores
   //  * Remove the Felgo Splash Screen or set a custom one (available with the Pro Licenses)
   //  * Add plugins to monetize, analyze & improve your apps (available with the Pro Licenses)
   //licenseKey: "<generate one from>"

   MenuScene {
     // we define all scenes as invisible by default
     // if the start button in the MenuScene is pressed we set the state to game
     // this will hide the menuScene and make the gameScene visible
     onStartPressed: gameWindow.state = "game"

   GameScene {id:gameScene; opacity: 0}

   // default state is "menu"
   state: "menu"

   //state machine, used to set only one scene visible at a time
   states: [
     State {
       name: "menu"
       // by switching the opacity property to 1, which is by default set to 0 above,
       // the Behavior defined in SceneBase takes care of animating the opacity of the new Scene from 0 to 1,
       // and any other Scene back to its default value (in our case from 1 to 0)
       PropertyChanges { target: menuScene; opacity: 1}
     State {
       name: "game"
       PropertyChanges { target: gameScene; opacity: 1}