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Felgo Crash Course Lesson 4 - How to get the latest engine update

For the upcoming lessons, we will use the latest engine additions of Felgo. These additions are only available with the latest Felgo updates. So in this lesson I'll guide you how to get the latest engine updates and how to use them in your games.

After installing the Felgo SDK, you can receive Felgo updates through the Felgo MaintenanceTool. The MaintenanceTool is located at the installation directory of your Felgo SDK and is called MaintenanceTool.

Run this application and select Update components to check if any updates are available for the Felgo SDK.

If there are updates available, the new packages are selected and you can choose which ones you want to update. New Felgo updates are released about every 1 - 4 weeks and bring new features and bug fixes.

Update Notifications

To hear about the improvements and new releases first, follow us on Twitter or Facebook. You also get notified about updates by E-Mail in the Felgo newsletter.

For a more detailed list of added features and bug fixes, you can see the changelog.

Auto-Updating in Qt Creator

The Qt Creator version that comes with the Felgo SDK runs a check if any Felgo updates are available at each Qt Creator start-up. If there is an update available, it is indicated by a green symbol on top of the Run button in the left navigation pane.

Note: This auto-update mechanism does not work with other Qt Creator versions than the one provided with the Felgo SDK. So if you have additionally installed a new Qt Creator beta version, you need to start the MaintenanceTool manually like explained above.


After this lesson you are able to benefit from the latest engine features of Felgo and update to the latest version.

Do you have any open questions about Felgo Updates or a feature you would need for your game? Then just send us an email to support@felgo.com, we're happy to help!

Cheers, Chris from Felgo

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