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Privacy Notes for Felgo Apps and Games

The linked app or game is built with Felgo (https://felgo.com), a cross-platform development framework that makes it easy to create apps like this one.

Felgo and associated services like "Felgo Game Network", "Felgo Multiplayer" or "Felgo Level Editor" are products of FELGO GmbH ("Felgo"). The following Privacy Policy explains the manner how Felgo processes information as part of apps or games built with Felgo (Felgo "Services").


  • An app or game ("App") is a computer program designed to run on a device such a mobile phone or desktop system.
  • App & game developers: Each, a "Developer", referring to any person offering an App built with Felgo.
  • App & game users: Each, a "User", any person using Apps developed & published with Felgo.
  • Personal Information is data which relates to a specific identifiable person.
  • Non-personal Information is data that does not relate to a specific person.

What Information Is Collected

Felgo may receive information about Users' devices or interactions in two ways: Things provided and things done.

Things Provided

As a User of an App including Felgo Game Network, you may provide the following, optional information:

  • A nickname, a profile picture, a country: This information is shown to other users in highscore lists or other interaction.
  • If signing up with a social network account like Facebook, the E-mail address or Facebook ID gets retrieved to make it possible to match and re-login an account on different devices.
  • Using a social network login, optionally the friends list is retrieved unless you don’t give permission for it. The friends list is used to compare with highscores of friends within the App.
  • If signing up with E-mail, a randomly chosen password is required to secure the account.

Things Done

When using an App built with Felgo, some information may be collected in an anonymized way, including device manufacturer and model, the operating system and version, Felgo version & bundle ID of the App in use. Felgo does not collect any personal or identifying information from Apps built with Felgo Services.

How Information Is Used

Felgo may use Information solely for the purpose to prevent fraud, enforce the relevant Terms of Service and for statistical data in an aggregated way.

How Information Is Shared

Information might be shared from actions taken from Users within the App. As an example, if using an App with Felgo Game Network as User and providing a nickname and profile photo, those will be visible to other App Users within highscore lists, match-making and user-search, which means that they can see that information.

Felgo does not sell, trade, or rent collected information to others. Information might be shared if required for reasons of safety, security or legal compliance.

How Information Is Protected

Felgo adopts appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal information, password, transaction information and data stored on Services.

Servers, on which information is stored, are located within the European Economic Area (EEA).

For clients from the EEA, Felgo acts as a "Data Processor" for Developers and complies with the GDPR as set forth by the European Union regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data from the European Union member countries and Switzerland.

Accessing & Updating Information

Users with Felgo Game Network can access and update their information with provided default components ("User Profile"). If the specific App does not include default actions, Users can contact the publisher of the App for further assistance.

Choices About Collection

  • Felgo Game Network Account Deletion: Users can request an account deletion from the user profile page within the App if Felgo default components are included. If the specific App does not include those components, please contact the publisher of the App for further assistance.
  • Felgo itself does not collect any personal information from Apps built with Felgo Services. There is therefore no opt-out to Users of Developer Apps required.


If you have any questions, contact the publisher of the App. If you have any questions about specific Felgo Services, submit a request by using the provided contact form.

FELGO GmbH, Kolonitzgasse 9/11-14, 1030 Wien, Austria

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