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Building Qt Sources

There are two ways to install Qt:

  1. through the Qt Installers - downloads and installs Qt
  2. through the Qt sources.

You can download the Qt installers and sources from the Downloads page. For more information, visit the Getting Started with Qt page.

This page lists the relevant information for installing Qt by building the Qt sources. The installation procedure is different on each Qt platform. This page collects the relevant information for the supported platforms.

General Installation Information

Building Qt revolves around using configure to configure Qt for a particular platform with a particular set of Qt features or modules. For more information, visit the following page:




Embedded Linux



Additional Information

The top-level qt5 Git repository contains a set of build instructions in the form of provisioning scripts, used by Qt's continuous integration (CI) system to build and test the Supported Platforms. These scripts are useful for anyone building Qt from source, as they provide information on the tools and components that are required for each configuration.

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