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Threading and Concurrent Programming Examples

Qt makes it easy to write multithreaded applications. Signals and slots can be used to safely communicate between threads in your application.

Mandelbrot Example

Mandelbrot example demonstrates multi-thread programming using Qt. It shows how to use a worker thread to perform heavy computations without blocking the main thread's event loop

Queued Custom Type Example

Demonstrates multi-thread programming using Qt

Semaphores Example

Demonstrates multi-thread programming using Qt

Wait Conditions Example

Demonstrates multi-thread programming using Qt

The QtConcurrent namespace includes a collection of classes and functions for straightforward concurrent programming.

These examples show how to apply the basic techniques of concurrent programming to simple problems.

Image Scaling Example

Demonstrates how to asynchronously download and scale images

Map Example

Demonstrates how to scale images synchronously

QtConcurrent Progress Dialog Example

Demonstrates how to monitor the progress of the active processes

QtConcurrent Word Count Example

Demonstrates how to use the map-reduce algorithm

Run Function Example

Demonstrates how to run standard functions concurrently

Examples marked with an asterisk (*) are fully documented.

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