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Qt for INTEGRITY: Monolith Project Tutorial

The INTEGRITY applications can be monolith application projects, dynamic download application projects, or kernelspace projects. The monolith application is a stand-alone executable that you can run directly on a target device.

In this tutorial, we build an INTEGRITY monolith project of the Qt application. We also create a bootable SD card, so you can run your application in the i.MX6 Quad board. After following the steps in this tutorial, you will have the Qt for INTEGRITY development environment up and running.

The tutorial assumes you have the i.MX6 Quad board with a micro SD card.

Tutorial content:

  1. Installing Platform Dependencies
  2. Preparing BSP for i.MX6 Quad Board
  3. Building Qt for i.MX6 Quad Board
  4. Building Monolith Project
  5. Building U-Boot Image
  6. Creating Bootable SD card
  7. Preparing U-Boot
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