Qt Multimedia Examples

The Qt Multimedia module provides low-level audio support on Linux, Windows and macOS. It also provides audio plugin API to allow developers implement their own audio support for custom devices and platforms.

Audio Devices Example

Testing the available audio devices and their configuration.

Audio Input Example

Recording audio using the QAudioInput class.

Audio Output Example

Enabling audio playback using the QAudioOutput class.

Audio Recorder Example

Discovering the available devices and supported codecs.

AudioEngine Example

Enabling 3D sound control using the Qt Audio Engine API.

Camera Example

The Camera Example shows how to use the API to capture a still image or video.

Declarative Radio Example

Demonstrates using the Radio QML type from Qt Multimedia.

Media Player Example

Playing audio and video.

QML Camera Example

The Camera Example shows how to use the API to capture a still image or video.

QML Video Example

Transforming video and camera viewfinder content.

QML Video Shader Effects Example

Applying shader effects on video and camera viewfinder content.

Spectrum Example

Analyzing a raw audio stream using the FFTReal library.

Video Graphics Item Example

Streaming video on a graphics scene.

Video Widget Example

Implementing a video player widget.

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