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mediaMetaData QML Basic Type

Provides meta-data for media files. More...


Meta-data is supplementary data describing media. See QMediaMetaData for available meta data attributes.

Method Documentation

void clear()

Removes all data from the MediaMetaData object.

void insert(Key k, variant value)

Inserts a value into a Key: k.

bool isEmpty()

Returns true if the meta data contains no items: otherwise returns false.

list<Key> keys()

Returns a list of MediaMetaData.Keys.

string metaDataKeyToString(Key key)

returns a string representation of key that can be used when presenting meta data to users.

void remove(Key k)

Removes meta data from a Key: k.

string stringValue(Key key)

Returns the meta data for key key as a QString.

This is mainly meant to simplify presenting the meta data to a user.

variant value(Key key)

Returns the meta data value for Key key, or a null QVariant if no meta-data for the key is available.

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