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Enables an additional OpenGL clipping plane that can be in shaders using gl_ClipDistance. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.4
Since: Qt 5.5
Instantiates: QClipPlane



Detailed Description

By default, OpenGL supports up to 8 additional clipping planes. ClipPlane allows to enable one of these additional planes. These planes can then be manipulated in the shaders using gl_ClipDistance[i] where i varies between 0 and 7. The underlying implementation may support more than 8 clip planes, but it is not guaranteed.

Property Documentation

distance : real

Holds the distance of the plane from the world origin.

normal : vector3d

Holds the normal of the plane.

planeIndex : int

Holds the index of the plane.

Note: Usually between 0-7.

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