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List of All Members for Qt

This is the complete list of members for Qt, including inherited members.

  • application : object
  • inputMethod : object
  • platform : object
  • styleHints : object
  • string atob(data)
  • binding(function)
  • string btoa(data)
  • callLater(function, argument1, argument2, ...)
  • callLater(function)
  • color colorEqual(color lhs, string rhs)
  • object createComponent(url, mode, parent)
  • object createQmlObject(string qml, object parent, string filepath)
  • color darker(color baseColor, real factor)
  • exit(int retCode)
  • font(object fontSpecifier)
  • list<string> fontFamilies()
  • string formatDate(datetime date, variant format)
  • string formatDateTime(datetime dateTime, variant format)
  • string formatTime(datetime time, variant format)
  • color hsla(real hue, real saturation, real lightness, real alpha)
  • color hsva(real hue, real saturation, real value, real alpha)
  • object include(string url, jsobject callback)
  • bool isQtObject(object)
  • color lighter(color baseColor, real factor)
  • locale(name)
  • string md5(data)
  • matrix4x4(real m11, real m12, real m13, real m14, real m21, real m22, real m23, real m24, real m31, real m32, real m33, real m34, real m41, real m42, real m43, real m44)
  • bool openUrlExternally(url target)
  • point point(int x, int y)
  • string qsTr(string sourceText, string disambiguation, int n)
  • string qsTrId(string id, int n)
  • string qsTrIdNoOp(string id)
  • string qsTrNoOp(string sourceText, string disambiguation)
  • string qsTranslate(string context, string sourceText, string disambiguation, int n)
  • string qsTranslateNoOp(string context, string sourceText, string disambiguation)
  • quaternion(real scalar, real x, real y, real z)
  • quit()
  • rect rect(int x, int y, int width, int height)
  • url resolvedUrl(url url)
  • color rgba(real red, real green, real blue, real alpha)
  • size(int width, int height)
  • color tint(color baseColor, color tintColor)
  • vector2d(real x, real y)
  • vector3d(real x, real y, real z)
  • vector4d(real x, real y, real z, real w)