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Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.SpatialAudio


Detailed Description

Defines a room for the spatial audio engine.

If the listener is inside a room, first order sound reflections and reverb matching the rooms properties will get applied to the sound field.

A room is always square and defined by its center position, its orientation and dimensions. Each of the 6 walls of the room can be made of different materials that will contribute to the computed reflections and reverb that the listener will experience while being inside the room.

If multiple rooms cover the same position, the engine will use the room with the smallest volume.

Property Documentation

backMaterial : AudioRoom::Material

ceilingMaterial : AudioRoom::Material

floorMaterial : AudioRoom::Material

frontMaterial : AudioRoom::Material

leftMaterial : AudioRoom::Material

rightMaterial : AudioRoom::Material

Sets the material to use for the different sides of the room. Properties correlate to coordinates as follows:

Property Coordinate
left Negative x
right Positive x
back Negative z
front Positive z
floor Negative y
ceiling Positive y

Valid values for the material are:

Property value Description
Transparent The side of the room is open and won't contribute to reflections or reverb.
AcousticCeilingTiles Acoustic tiles that suppress most reflections and reverb.
BrickBare A bare brick wall.
BrickPainted A painted brick wall.
ConcreteBlockCoarse A raw concrete wall
ConcreteBlockPainted A painted concrete wall
CurtainHeavy A heavy curtain. Will mostly reflect low frequencies
FiberGlassInsulation Fiber glass insulation. Only reflects very low frequencies
GlassThin A thin glass wall
GlassThick A thick glass wall
Grass Grass
LinoleumOnConcrete A Linoleum floor
Marble A marble floor
Metal Metal
ParquetOnConcrete Parquet wooden floor on concrete
PlasterRough Rough plaster
PlasterSmooth Smooth plaster
PlywoodPanel Plywodden panel
PolishedConcreteOrTile Polished concrete or tiles
Sheetrock Rock
WaterOrIceSurface Water or ice
WoodCeiling A wooden ceiling
WoodPanel Wooden panel
Uniform Artificial material giving uniform reflections on all frequencies

dimensions : vector3D

Defines the dimensions of the room in 3D space. Units are in centimeters by default.

See also QtQuick3D::Node::position.

reflectionGain : float

A gain factor for reflections generated in this room. A value from 0 to 1 will dampen reflections, while a value larger than 1 will apply a gain to reflections, making them louder.

The default is 1, a factor of 0 disables reflections. Negative values are mapped to 0.

reverbBrightness : float

A brightness factor to be applied to the generated reverb. A positive value will increase reverb for higher frequencies and dampen lower frequencies, a negative value does the reverse.

The default is 0.

reverbGain : float

A gain factor for reverb generated in this room. A value from 0 to 1 will dampen reverb, while a value larger than 1 will apply a gain to the reverb, making it louder.

The default is 1, a factor of 0 disables reverb. Negative values are mapped to 0.

reverbTime : float

A factor to be applies to all reverb timings generated for this room. Larger values will lead to longer reverb timings, making the room sound larger.

The default is 1. Negative values are mapped to 0.

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