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Base type for custom texture data. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D
Instantiates: QQuick3DTextureData


Inherited By:


Detailed Description

Custom texture data allows using application-generated texture data, that can possibly change dynamically as well. To use custom texture data set the textureData property of Texture to reference a TextureData object.

Custom Texture data is implemented in C++ by creating a QQuick3DTextureData instance, often subclassing it. The QQuick3DTextureData type is registered to QML under the name of TextureData. Once the subclass is registered to QML, Texture objects can start referencing it.

An example of when to use this API is when there is a need to procedurally generate a texture at runtime rather than loading a static image from a file.

import MyCustomTexture 1.0

Model {
    source: "#Cube"
    materials: [
        DefaultMaterial {
            diffuseMap: diffuseMapCustomTexture

Texture {
    id: diffuseMapCustomTexture
    textureData: MyCustomTextureData {


See also Texture.

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