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Qt Location Examples

These examples show a range of different uses for Qt Location, such as displaying a map within a QML user interface, implementing basic routing and place search, as well as integrating positioning data types.

These examples can work with any of the available geo services plugins. However, some plugins may require additional plugin parameters in order to function correctly. The default plugin used by these examples is Qt Location Open Street Map Plugin, which does not require any parameters. The Qt Location Mapbox GL Plugin was used for the screenshots and can also be used without any parameters, for development purposes, on the platforms it is available.

Map Viewer (QML)

The Map Viewer example shows how to display and interact with a map, search for an address, and find driving directions.

MapItemView Transitions (QML)

How to use transitions together with MapItemView.

Minimal Map (QML)

The minimum code to display a map using Qt Quick.

Places (QML)

The Places example demonstrates how to search for Places and access related content.

Places List (QML)

The Places List example demonstrates how to search for and display a list of places using a ListView.

Places Map (QML)

The Places Map example demonstrates how to search for and display a list of places on a map using a MapItemView.

Plane Spotter (QML)

The Plane Spotter example demonstrates the tight integration of location and positioning data types into QML.

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