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Tango Icon Library, version 0.8.90

Selected icons from the Tango Icon Library

Used in WebEngine Cookie Browser example.

The sources can be found in qtwebengine/examples/webenginewidgets/cookiebrowser/3rdparty.

Project Homepage, upstream version: 0.8.90

Ulisse Perusin <uli.peru@gmail.com>
Steven Garrity <sgarrity@silverorange.com>
Lapo Calamandrei <calamandrei@gmail.com>
Ryan Collier <rcollier@novell.com>
Rodney Dawes <dobey@novell.com>
Andreas Nilsson <nisses.mail@home.se>
Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert@tigert.com>
Garrett LeSage <garrett@novell.com>
Jakub Steiner <jimmac@novell.com>

Public Domain.

The icons in this repository are herefore released into the Public Domain.
Qt_Technology_Partner_RGB_475 Qt_Service_Partner_RGB_475_padded