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C++ Backend Charts Demo App

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 import "charts"
 import "qmlvideofx/qml"

 App {
   id: app

   property bool enable3DView: false
   property var chartData: []

   // load data from C++ at app startup
   Component.onCompleted: cppDataModel.loadData()

   // when new data is sent from C++, parse the JSON and use as chartData in QML
   Connections {
     target: cppDataModel
     // the dataLoaded signal provides a jsonDataString parameter
     onDataLoaded: chartData = JSON.parse(jsonDataString)

   // UI code starts here
   NavigationStack {
     initialPage: Page {
       title: "Chart Example"
       rightBarItem: IconButtonBarItem {
         icon: !enable3DView ? IconType.cube : IconType.barchart
         onClicked: enable3DView = !enable3DView

       BarChart3D {
         visible: enable3DView

       BarChart2D {
         id: barChart2D
         visible: !enable3DView

       // apply shader fx effect
       VideoFXEffect {
         id: fxEffect
         anchors.fill: barChart2D
         divider.anchors.bottomMargin: fxControls.parameterPanelHeight
         sourceForShaderEffect.sourceItem: barChart2D
         gripSize: fxControls.gripSize
         visible: barChart2D.visible

       // shader fx controls
       VideoFXControls {
         id: fxControls
         //    anchors.topMargin: background.height - scaledMargin
         targetEffect: fxEffect
         visible: fxEffect.visible

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