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YouTube Video Player App

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0
 import "../common"

 Page {
   id: mypage
   backgroundColor: Theme.secondaryBackgroundColor

   property var playlist: null

   title: playlist && playlist.snippet.title || ""

   onPlaylistChanged: {


   rightBarItem: IconButtonBarItem {
     visible: !isOnline
     icon: IconType.exclamation
     onClicked: NativeDialog.confirm("Offline", "You are currently offline, please go online to use the app.")

   AppListView {
     anchors.fill: parent
     model: JsonListModel {
       id: listModel
       source: playlist && dataModel.playlistVideos[] || []
       keyField: "id"
     delegate: FeedVideo {
       property var item: listModel.get(index)
       title: item.snippet.title
       description: item.snippet.description
       videoStatistics: item.statistics
       previewImageSource: {
         // use best available quality as preview image
         var qualities = Object.keys(item.snippet.thumbnails)
         return item.snippet.thumbnails[qualities.pop()].url

     emptyText.text: getOfflineStatus()

     // when scrolling list, hide top-level video
     onContentYChanged: {
       // hide when scrolling is set to false for 1 second after video becomes active
       // this avoids the video to close in case touch interaction  affects contentY
       if(Theme.isIos && youTubePlayer.visible && youTubePlayer.hideWhenScrolling) {
         youTubePlayer.visible = false