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Flask of Rum - Slot Game

 import Felgo 4.0
 import QtQuick 2.0
 import "../config"

 Item {
   id: winningLine

   // line fills up the area of its parent, the container for all lines has to match the slot machine height
   anchors.fill: parent

   // we want to set a different line image from the outside for each line
   property alias image: lineImage

   // the color of the winning line is used to draw symbols on the line in the correct color
   property string color

   // a line is represented as an array of slot positions
   property var positions: [] // each position has to be an object { reel: <reelNr>, row: <rowNr> }

   // property to hold amount of win
   property int winAmount

   // field that will hold positions that won after validation
   property var __winningPositions: []

   // field to hold symbol type of positions that won
   property var __winningTypes: []

   // field to hold dynamically created line symbols that form a line
   property var __lineSymbols: []

   // show the image of the line
   Image {
     id: lineImage
     anchors.fill: parent

   // area that will hold dynamically created line-symbols
   Item {
     id: symbolArea
     anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
     anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter

     // display win amount
     Text {
       id: winText
       x: 15
       color: "black"
       text: winAmount
       font.pixelSize: 10
       z: 2

     // add background area around win text
     Rectangle {
       width: winText.width + 20
       height: winText.height + 4
       anchors.centerIn: winText
       color: winningLine.color
       z: 1

   // draw symbols on winning line, parameter machine holds a reference to the slot machine
   function drawLineSymbols(machine) {
     // remove old symbols

     // set size of symbol container to match slot machine
     // this is needed to be able to position the symbols on the line relatively to
     // the slot machine instead of the winning line area (winning line is wider than the slot machine)
     symbolArea.width = machine.width
     symbolArea.height = machine.height
     // define y-offset for each line symbol, this is required because the symbol size of the slot machine items includes a top margin of 5px
     var yOffset = 5

     // create all line symbols for winning positions
     for(var i = 0; i < winningLine.__winningPositions.length; i++) {
       // set properties for line symbol
       var properties = {
         // the symbol background and border should be colored in the line color
         color: winningLine.color,
         // set correct position and height
         x: Math.round((machine.defaultReelWidth * winningLine.__winningPositions[i].reel)),
         y: Math.round((machine.defaultItemHeight * winningLine.__winningPositions[i].row) + yOffset),
         width: machine.defaultReelWidth,
         height: machine.defaultItemHeight - 10,
         // set symbol type
         type: winningLine.__winningTypes[i]

       // dynamically create line symbol and add it symbol area
       var component = Qt.createComponent(Qt.resolvedUrl("LineSymbol.qml"))
       var symbol = component.createObject(symbolArea, properties)

       // memorize all symbol objects that are created

     // set y position of win text (different for each line)
     if(__winningPositions[0].row === 0) {
       // on the first row: write win text below first symbol of the line
       winText.y = winningLine.__lineSymbols[0].y + winningLine.__lineSymbols[0].height
     else {
       // on other rows: write win text above first symbol of the line
       winText.y = winningLine.__lineSymbols[0].y - winText.height

   // remove symbols from winning line
   function removeLineSymbols() {
     // destroy all line symbols
     for(var i = 0; i < winningLine.__lineSymbols.length; i++) {

     // delete memory
     winningLine.__lineSymbols = []

   // validate if the player has won on the line
   function validate(machine) {
     // reset all local variables and private component properties
     var length = 0
     var currentType = null
     __winningPositions = []
     __winningTypes = []

     // check all slot positions of the line
     for(var i = 0; i < positions.length; i++) {
       var pos = positions[i]
       if(pos === null)
         return false

       // get current item for the slot position
       var symbol = machine.getItemData(pos.reel, pos.row)
       if(symbol === null)
         return false

       // first symbol defines start of the line
       if(i == 0) {
         currentType = symbol.type
         length = 1
       // next symbols may add to the winning line if the type matches
       else {
         // if new symbol type and no wildcards are involved -> stop (possible line has ended)
         if(currentType !== symbol.type && symbol.type !== "rum" && currentType !== "rum") {

         // if old symbol was a wildcard, switch current type to new symbol
         if(currentType === "rum")
           currentType = symbol.type

                 // increase length counter

       // current position and type count to the line -> memorize position and type

     // return false if line length is too short
     if(length < 3)
       return false

     // calculate win amount and return true
     var winFactor = SymbolConfig.getWinFactor(currentType, length)
     winAmount = scene.betAmount * winFactor

     // draw symbols on winning line (based on memorized positions and types) and return true
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