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Platformer with Level Editor

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0

 Item {
   id: levelGrid

   // anchoring
   // if state is demoLevels, the subBar is hidden, so we anchor it to the mainBar
   anchors.top: levelScene.state == "demoLevels" ? mainBar.bottom : subBar.bottom
   anchors.bottom: levelScene.gameWindowAnchorItem.bottom
   anchors.left: levelScene.left
   anchors.right: levelScene.right

   anchors.margins: 5
   anchors.topMargin: 0
   anchors.bottomMargin: 0

   // this property stores all level's meta data
   property var levelMetaDataArray

   // is true, if the levels are loading right now
   property bool isLoading: false

   onLevelMetaDataArrayChanged: {
     // if the levels are not currently loading...
     if(!isLoading) {
       // ...set the levelListRepeater model to the levelMetaDataArray
       levelListRepeater.model = levelMetaDataArray

   Flickable {
     id: levelGridFlickable

     anchors.fill: parent

     // clip contents at item borders
     clip: true

     // set the content size to the grid's size
     contentWidth: grid.width
     // add twice the offset's height to the contentHeight, to add a little margin
     // at the top and bottom of the grid
     contentHeight: grid.height + 2 * offset.height

     // only allow vertical flicking
     flickableDirection: Flickable.VerticalFlick

     // this adds a little offset on top of the level grid
     Item {
       id: offset
       width: parent.width
       height: 5

       anchors.top: parent.top

     Grid {
       id: grid

       anchors.top: offset.bottom

       columns: 4
       spacing: 10

       // the repeater adds a levelItemDelegate item for each level
       Repeater {
         id: levelListRepeater

         // delegate is the default property of Repeater
         delegate: LevelSelectionItem {}


   Text {
     id: loadingText

     text: "Loading"

     // this text is visible while the levels are loading
     visible: isLoading

     // position
     anchors.centerIn: parent
     anchors.verticalCenterOffset: -40

     // font family and size
     font.family: marioFont.name
     font.pixelSize: 40

     // text color
     color: "#fff833"

     // add outline
     style: Text.Outline
     styleColor: "black"

   Timer {
     id: loadingTimer

     interval: 1000

     onTriggered: finishLoading()

   function startLoading() {
     // remove all elements immediately to see an instant level loading screen
     levelListRepeater.model = null

     // set isLoading to true
     isLoading = true

     // delay rest to render the loading sign

   function finishLoading() {
     // set isLoading to false again
     isLoading = false

     // add all level elements again
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