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Sorts rows based on if they match filters. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 4.0
Since: Felgo 3.9.0



Detailed Description

A FilterSorter is a Sorter that orders row matching its filters before the rows not matching the filters.

In the following example, rows with their favorite role set to true will be ordered at the beginning :

 SortFilterProxyModel {
     sourceModel: contactModel
     sorters: FilterSorter {
         ValueFilter { roleName: "favorite"; value: true }

See also FilterContainer.

Property Documentation

enabled : bool

This property holds whether the sorter is enabled. A disabled sorter will not change the order of the rows.

By default, sorters are enabled.

[default] filters : list<Filter>

This property holds the list of filters for this filter sorter. If a row match all this FilterSorter's filters, it will be ordered before rows not matching all the filters.

See also Filter and FilterContainer.

sortOrder : Qt::SortOrder

This property holds the sort order of this sorter.

Constant Description
Qt.AscendingOrder The items are sorted ascending e.g. starts with 'AAA' ends with 'ZZZ' in Latin-1 locales
Qt.DescendingOrder The items are sorted descending e.g. starts with 'ZZZ' ends with 'AAA' in Latin-1 locales

By default, sorting is in ascending order.

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