Base item type for all Felgo Plugins. More...



Detailed Description

The PluginItem component is the base item for all Felgo Plugins.

Property Documentation

platformLoaded : bool

A readonly property indicating if the currently used plugin was able to load all required platform-specific third-party frameworks. This is useful for debugging issues when including Felgo Plugins into your own projects.

As an example, when using the Facebook plugin, the property is false if the Facebook framework is missing from your project and true if it could be loaded.

platformSupported : bool

A readonly property indicating if the currently used plugin is supported on the underlying platform.

As an example, this property is true on iOS and false on Desktop operating systems when reading for the Facebook plugin. You can then use this property to display or hide a button for a Facebook login like in the following code snippet:

 Page {

   AppButton {
     text: "Facebook Login"
     visible: facebook.platformSupported

   Facebook {
     id: facebook


Signal Documentation


A signal handler emitted as soon as the plugin is fully initialized. You should use this signal handler for custom initialization code instead of the usual Component.onCompleted handler, as some of the native initialization might not be fully finished with that handler.

As an example, when using the GameCenter plugin, you can log in the user as soon as the plugin was loaded, like in the following code snippet:

 GameCenter {
   onPluginLoaded: authenticateLocalPlayer()

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