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Loads qml level files derived from LevelBase dynamically. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0



Detailed Description

The LevelEditor uses the LevelLoader element to load levels derived from LevelBase with a call of LevelEditor::loadSingleLevel() or LevelEditor::createNewLevel().

These LevelBase components contain static elements that differ between levels. For example, these levels might exist:

 // Level01.qml:
 LevelBase {
   property int startGold: 30

 // Level02.qml:
 LevelBase {
   property int startGold: 50

You can then use these LevelBase components when creating a new level with LevelEditor::createNewLevel(): add the levelBaseName (for dynamic levels) or the levelBaseUrl (for static levels) as a parameter of levelMetaData and the correct level gets loaded automatically.

Additionally, enter the valid levels either to the LevelEditor::levelBaseNameToUrlMap property in case of dynamic levels, or to the qmlLevelList in case of LevelEditor::applicationQMLLevels.

Property Documentation

loadedLevel : alias

Holds the currently loaded LevelBase item. If none is loaded it has the default value null.

You can access properties within the LevelBase through this property.

Signal Documentation


This handler is called when an error occurred at loading the level, e.g. the wrong .


This handler is called when the level was successfully loaded.


This handler is called when the level is currently loading.

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