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A rounded image view, which adapts facebook profile image urls to scale correctly within games and apps. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0
Since: Felgo 2.14.2



Detailed Description

Property Documentation

displayFlagImage : alias

Whether the flag image is visible. By default, it is visible.

editBackgroundColor : color

Defines the background color of the edit overlay. Default color is #bbbbbb.

editable : bool

Whether the "edit" overlay is shown for the user image. False by default.

flagImageAnchors : alias

Allows to change the anchoring of the flag image.

flagImageSource : alias

Allows to manually set the image source of the flag image.

locale : alias

This is the required input property to set the SocialFlagImage.

placeholderBackgroundColor : color

The background color of the placeholder. The default color is #eeeeee

placeholderImage : string

The icon shown as placeholder for the user image. Set to the default user icon by default.

radius : alias

The radius of the rounded image borders. Based on image width by default.

source : url

Image source of the user profile picture.

Signal Documentation


This signal triggers when the edit button is clicked for the user image.