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A delegate used by NavigationStack for loading transitions. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 4.0



Detailed Description

This type defines the page transitions for NavigationStack. Use it with the NavigationStack::transitionDelegate property.

Use the properties pushEnter and pushExit to define the transitions for pushing pages.

Use the properties popEnter and popExit to define the transitions for popping pages.

During transition, you can use the properties enterItem and exitItem. They contain the currently entering and exiting AppPage items.

Property Documentation

[read-only] enterItem : Item

Contains the currently entering AppPage item.

This is the new page during push and the previous page during pop.

[read-only] exitItem : Item

Contains the currently exiting AppPage item.

This is the previous page during push and the current page during pop.

popEnter : Transition

A Transition for popping the current AppPage from the NavigationStack.

popExit : Transition

A Transition for adding the previous AppPage to he NavigationStack during pop.

pushEnter : Transition

A Transition for pushing a new AppPage onto the NavigationStack.

pushExit : Transition

A Transition for removing the current AppPage from the NavigationStack during push.

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