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QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem Class

The QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem class provides a common base for all path items. More...

Header: #include <QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem>
qmake: QT += widgets
Since: Qt 4.2
Inherits: QGraphicsItem
Inherited By:

QGraphicsEllipseItem, QGraphicsPathItem, QGraphicsPolygonItem, QGraphicsRectItem, and QGraphicsSimpleTextItem

Public Functions

QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem(QGraphicsItem *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem()
QBrush brush() const
QPen pen() const
void setBrush(const QBrush &brush)
void setPen(const QPen &pen)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual bool isObscuredBy(const QGraphicsItem *item) const override
virtual QPainterPath opaqueArea() const override

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem class provides a common base for all path items.

This class does not fully implement an item by itself; in particular, it does not implement boundingRect() and paint(), which are inherited by QGraphicsItem.

You can subclass this item to provide a simple base implementation of accessors for the item's pen and brush.

See also QGraphicsRectItem, QGraphicsEllipseItem, QGraphicsPathItem, QGraphicsPolygonItem, QGraphicsTextItem, QGraphicsLineItem, QGraphicsPixmapItem, and Graphics View Framework.

Member Function Documentation

QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem(QGraphicsItem *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem. parent is passed to QGraphicsItem's constructor.

[virtual] QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::~QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem()

Destroys a QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem.

QBrush QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::brush() const

Returns the item's brush, or an empty brush if no brush has been set.

See also setBrush().

[override virtual] bool QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::isObscuredBy(const QGraphicsItem *item) const

Reimplemented from QGraphicsItem::isObscuredBy().

[override virtual] QPainterPath QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::opaqueArea() const

Reimplemented from QGraphicsItem::opaqueArea().

QPen QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::pen() const

Returns the item's pen. If no pen has been set, this function returns QPen(), a default black solid line pen with 1 width.

See also setPen().

void QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::setBrush(const QBrush &brush)

Sets the item's brush to brush.

The item's brush is used to fill the item.

If you use a brush with a QGradient, the gradient is relative to the item's coordinate system.

See also brush().

void QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem::setPen(const QPen &pen)

Sets the pen for this item to pen.

The pen is used to draw the item's outline.

See also pen().