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State Struct

struct QAccessible::State

Public Functions


Detailed Description

This structure defines bit flags that indicate the state of an accessible object. The values are:

Constant Description
active The object is the active window or the active sub-element in a container (that would get focus when focusing the container).
adjustable The object represents an adjustable value, e.g. sliders.
animated The object's appearance changes frequently.
busy The object cannot accept input at the moment.
checkable The object is checkable.
checked The object's check box is checked.
checkStateMixed The third state of checkboxes (half checked in tri-state check boxes).
collapsed The object is collapsed, e.g. a closed listview item, or an iconified window.
defaultButton The object represents the default button in a dialog.
defunct The object no longer exists.
editable The object has a text carret (and often implements the text interface).
expandable The object is expandable, mostly used for cells in a tree view.
expanded The object is expanded, currently its children are visible.
extSelectable The object supports extended selection.
focusable The object can receive focus. Only objects in the active window can receive focus.
focused The object has keyboard focus.
hasPopup The object opens a popup.
hotTracked The object's appearance is sensitive to the mouse cursor position.
invalid The object is no longer valid (because it has been deleted).
invisible The object is not visible to the user.
linked The object is linked to another object, e.g. a hyperlink.
marqueed The object displays scrolling contents, e.g. a log view.
modal The object blocks input from other objects.
movable The object can be moved.
multiLine The object has multiple lines of text (word wrap), as opposed to a single line.
multiSelectable The object supports multiple selected items.
offscreen The object is clipped by the visible area. Objects that are off screen are also invisible.
passwordEdit The object is a password field, e.g. a line edit for entering a Password.
playsSound The object produces sound when interacted with.
pressed The object is pressed.
readOnly The object can usually be edited, but is explicitly set to read-only.
searchEdit The object is a line edit that is the input for search queries.
selectable The object is selectable.
selectableText The object has text which can be selected. This is different from selectable which refers to the object's children.
selected The object is selected, this is independent of text selection.
selfVoicing The object describes itself through speech or sound.
sizeable The object can be resized, e.g. top-level windows.
summaryElement The object summarizes the state of the window and should be treated with priority.
supportsAutoCompletion The object has auto-completion, for example in line edits or combo boxes.
traversed The object is linked and has been visited.
updatesFrequently The object changes frequently and needs to be refreshed when accessing it.
disabled The object is unavailable to the user, e.g. a disabled widget.

Implementations of QAccessibleInterface::state() return a combination of these flags.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs a new QAccessible::State with all states set to false.

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