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QBoxPlotLegendMarker Class

The QBoxPlotLegendMarker class is a legend marker for a box plot series. More...

Header: #include <QBoxPlotLegendMarker>
Inherits: QLegendMarker

Public Functions

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QBoxPlotSeries * series() override
virtual QLegendMarker::LegendMarkerType type() override

Detailed Description

A box plot legend marker is related to a QBoxPlotSeries object.

See also QLegend and QBoxPlotSeries.

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QBoxPlotLegendMarker::~QBoxPlotLegendMarker()

Removes the legend marker for a box plot series.

[override virtual] QBoxPlotSeries *QBoxPlotLegendMarker::series()

Reimplements: QLegendMarker::series().

[override virtual] QLegendMarker::LegendMarkerType QBoxPlotLegendMarker::type()

Reimplements: QLegendMarker::type().

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