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QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension Class

The QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension class allows you to manipulate a widget's dynamic properties in Qt Designer's property editor. More...

Header: #include <QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Designer)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Designer)
qmake: QT += designer

Public Functions

virtual ~QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension()
virtual int addDynamicProperty(const QString &propertyName, const QVariant &value) = 0
virtual bool canAddDynamicProperty(const QString &propertyName) const = 0
virtual bool dynamicPropertiesAllowed() const = 0
virtual bool isDynamicProperty(int index) const = 0
virtual bool removeDynamicProperty(int index) = 0

Detailed Description

See also QDesignerPropertySheetExtension and Dynamic Properties.

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension::~QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension()

Destroys the dynamic property sheet extension.

[pure virtual] int QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension::addDynamicProperty(const QString &propertyName, const QVariant &value)

Adds a dynamic property named propertyName and sets its value to value. Returns the index of the property if it was added successfully; otherwise returns -1 to indicate failure.

[pure virtual] bool QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension::canAddDynamicProperty(const QString &propertyName) const

Returns true if propertyName is a valid, unique name for a dynamic property; otherwise returns false.

[pure virtual] bool QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension::dynamicPropertiesAllowed() const

Returns true if the widget supports dynamic properties; otherwise returns false.

[pure virtual] bool QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension::isDynamicProperty(int index) const

Returns true if the property at the given index is a dynamic property; otherwise returns false.

[pure virtual] bool QDesignerDynamicPropertySheetExtension::removeDynamicProperty(int index)

Removes the dynamic property at the given index. Returns true if the operation succeeds; otherwise returns false.

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