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QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface Class

The QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface class allows you to change the focus of Qt Designer's object inspector. More...

Header: #include <QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Designer)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Designer)
qmake: QT += designer
Inherits: QWidget

Public Functions

QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface(QWidget *parent, Qt::WindowFlags flags = {})
virtual ~QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface()
virtual QDesignerFormEditorInterface * core() const

Public Slots

virtual void setFormWindow(QDesignerFormWindowInterface *formWindow) = 0

Detailed Description

You can use the QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface to change the current form window selection. For example, when implementing a custom widget plugin:

        QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface *objectInspector = nullptr;
        objectInspector = formEditor->objectInspector();

        QDesignerFormWindowManagerInterface *manager = nullptr;
        manager = formEditor->formWindowManager();


The QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface class is not intended to be instantiated directly. You can retrieve an interface to Qt Designer's object inspector using the QDesignerFormEditorInterface::objectInspector() function. A pointer to Qt Designer's current QDesignerFormEditorInterface object (formEditor in the example above) is provided by the QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface::initialize() function's parameter. When implementing a custom widget plugin, you must subclass the QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface to expose your plugin to Qt Designer.

The interface provides the core() function that you can use to retrieve a pointer to Qt Designer's current QDesignerFormEditorInterface object, and the setFormWindow() function that enables you to change the current form window selection.

See also QDesignerFormEditorInterface and QDesignerFormWindowInterface.

Member Function Documentation

QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface::QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface(QWidget *parent, Qt::WindowFlags flags = {})

Constructs an object inspector interface with the given parent and the specified window flags.

[pure virtual slot] void QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface::setFormWindow(QDesignerFormWindowInterface *formWindow)

Sets the currently selected form window to formWindow.

[virtual] QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface::~QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface()

Destroys the object inspector interface.

[virtual] QDesignerFormEditorInterface *QDesignerObjectInspectorInterface::core() const

Returns a pointer to Qt Designer's current QDesignerFormEditorInterface object.

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