QLineSeries Class

The QLineSeries class presents data in line charts. More...

Header: #include <QLineSeries>
Instantiated By: LineSeries
Inherits: QXYSeries
Inherited By:


Public Functions

QLineSeries(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~QLineSeries()

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QAbstractSeries::SeriesType type() const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QLineSeries class presents data in line charts.

A line chart is used to show information as a series of data points connected by straight lines.

Creating a basic line chart is simple:

QLineSeries* series = new QLineSeries();
series->append(0, 6);
series->append(2, 4);

Member Function Documentation

QLineSeries::QLineSeries(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs an empty series object that is a child of parent. When the series object is added to a QChartView or QChart instance, the ownership is transferred.

[virtual] QLineSeries::~QLineSeries()

Destroys the object. Series added to QChartView or QChart instances are owned by the instances and deleted when the instances are destroyed.

[virtual] QAbstractSeries::SeriesType QLineSeries::type() const

Reimplemented from QAbstractSeries::type().

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