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AbstractClipAnimator is the base class for types providing animation playback capabilities. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Animation 2.9
Since: Qt 5.9


Detailed Description

Subclasses of AbstractClipAnimator can be aggregated by an Entity to provide animation capabilities. The animator components provide an interface for controlling the animation (e.g. start, stop). Each animator type requires some form of animation data such as an AbstractAnimationClip as well as a ChannelMapper which describes how the channels in the animation clip should be mapped onto the properties of the objects you wish to animate.

The following subclasses are available:

Property Documentation

loops : int

This property holds the number of times the animation should play.

By default, loops is 1: the animation will play through once and then stop.

If set to QAbstractClipAnimator::Infinite, the animation will continuously repeat until it is explicitly stopped.

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